Training Your Dog to Become Obedient

Training your dog to become obedient is an important yet rewarding thing to do. The time you are most likely to be successful with training your dog is in the morning after you have both woken up, since both of you are full of energy.

One of the most effective ways to train your dog to sit is say ‘Sit’ to your dog in a firm and commanding voice. If necessary you should place you hands on the back of the dog and gently push it down. When your dog completes this small exercise, you should reward him or her. You should keep an eye on the amount of fat, carbohydrates etc. that your dog takes in, and make sure it does not interfere with your dog’s obedience training.

Teaching your dog one word commands should take at the very most a month, and it important you teach your dog on a regular basis. The more you train your dog the more you will enjoy seeing your dog succeed and the more fun you yourself will have with your dog.

One of the more complex commands is to have your dog speak on command and to go to the bathroom on command. There are subtle tricks to the obedience training of your dog, and one of them is to speak in such an excited tone of voice when your dog does something that you are working with him on, so that every time you ask your dog to do that certain command, your dog will be more than happy and excited to do such a feat for you as the master.

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You should always concentrate on what you would like to accomplish in the obedience training of your dog. Don’t expect your dog to be going to the bathroom and washing his hands after 1 days training. Gradually raise the difficulty of what you are teaching your dog, perhaps after every month or so. Even after you think your dog has mastered obedience do not stop training him. You do not want him forgetting everything both of you have learnt.

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