Understanding the Dogs

As each of us knows that dogs are supposed to be our best friends, each of us has to try to understand the world of dogs in order to keep our friendship.

The first way to understand them, and the simple one, is to talk to them. Most of us will think that this is a crazy thing, however it is not, it is proved that the dogs understand our languages more clearly, more detailed than we understand theirs. They react more times at our callings than we react at their wishings, such as: playing, walking, eating etc. Why do not to try to make a balanced world between us and our friends? Many arguments of not paying attention what they ask from us, in many cases they ask only 5 minutes of attention and we do not understand that and do not want to,would be because we are too busy. Dogs are like human, sometimes they want to talk to, other times to play with you etc. Our careless attitude limit them. Limiting them in one, two, three things … we take them appart, they will start to lose contact with human and do not be surprised that after some time they will try to bite you while trying to trim them. It would be a result of missing contact with them.

The second way would be using keywords. While doing something and noticing that the dog is following you, just use a keyword, in order to inform them what you are doing. I assure you that after some time they will react at those keywords. They will understand what you are going to do.

You must choose a word to boast them. They will appreciate it just for boasting them time by time.

Being said those words, I would suggest you do not be lazy and take care of your pets if you made a step of owning one. It requires responsibility so if you are irresponsible just stay away from them, because in them is living a soul, as in us does. To be continued…

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