URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Pets Review

URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Pets Review

Individuals often love traveling with their pets and there is no denying the fact. However, often it has been seen that the seat cover of the car gets spoilt due to the pets. This condition demands for you to avail a set cover specially designed for pets.

There is no need for you to worry anymore. This is because now you can avail seat cover for pet which provide the right kind of protection to the seat cover. Buy yours today and avail it for yourself.

About the product

The URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Pets is made up of reinforced design which is fourfold. This is a durable oxford cloth of 600D which has waterproof polyester. It contains PVC net which is sip proof.

URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Pets ReviewUses of the product

This net is beneficial for keeping the cover of pet seat in its place. This even takes place on the leather seats. It helps the dogs to stay cozily right in a single place.

The cover further helps in keeping the upholstery clean. The seat covers has been designed with a fabric which is resistant to water. It comprises of an oxford fabric along with a soft cotton layer.

The presence of PVC material provides the highest quality of seating. It is extremely durable while providing the best protection to the car. It helps in keeping the mud, hair and dander off the car seats.

Read what others have to say about the product and make your choice. The cover offers thick resistance from the nails and paws of dogs. With the help of release clips, it can be installed easily.

The anchor of the seat can be inserted to its crevice in order to fasten cover. It comprises of plastic clips which can be adjusted. These plastic clips are available in four sets.

These clips are beneficial for getting attached near the headrest around the back and front. This is beneficial in fixing the cover firmly. It has been made using highest quality of waterproof polyester.

It can be easily cleaned with the help of a vacuum or damp cloth. You no longer need to worry about the safety of the pets. It guarantees safety to the pets.

The quality is extremely durable and is sure to go on for a long time to come. It has been constructed using oxford fabric which is a heavy-duty one. The presence of triple-layered padding provides the most comfort.

It has been built with the help of snap buckles, oxford top which is textured and PVC bottom which is slip proof. The seat covers provide safety and durability. The seat cover comes in varied designs.

It can be easily folded when not in use. The Velcro strap helps in folding the cover. This is suitable for both small and medium sized dogs.


Thus, this seat cover is a must if you love traveling with your dog. It provides the right kind of protection to your car against scratches and scuffs. Get the lowest price today and avail it online.

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