Vacationing with Your Dog

Making Sure Your Canine Companion is Welcome

In making your travel or vacation plans, it is important to consider how welcome your canine friend will be before making any final decisions. Some cities are simply more accommodating than others to dogs and their owners. There are several very important factors to consider in determining your best options.

Are you going to find an adequate selection of pet-friendly lodging options in the city? What accommodations do these hotels provide for your pet? Is there an area nearby or within the hotel designed specifically for exercising your dog and allowing him to take care of nature’s business? How convenient is the design of the hotel in consideration of your dog’s needs?

How convenient is it going to be to travel around the city with your dog? Consider the policies of the public transportation system and identify which taxi companies allow canine passengers. If these are not options in a particular city, how feasible is it for you to rent a car there? If the city features ferry, boat carriage rides or tours, you need to find out how many of these will welcome your dog as well.

How many desirable restaurants in the city invite you to dine with your dog? Are there outdoor cafes in the area or conveniently located dog parks where the two of you can picnic? Are there any local ordinances that could potentially create problems for you and your dog. These ordinances could possibly be breed specific, so call ahead and talk to the appropriate government official.

All of these factors should be considered when choosing an appropriate vacation spot for you and your dog. Read on for a list of cities that seem to genuinely love dogs.

San Francisco,California is a top notch doggie destination. Many of their hotels, both upscale and economy, allow guests to lodge with their dogs. You will be able to travel with your pup on the famous cable cars, the mini buses, trains and quite a few of the ferries. Most parks and beaches allow leashed dogs and there are several that even allow dogs without leashes. Overall, the City by the Bay is an excellent choice for dog lovers.

Chicago,Illinois also has a wide selection of hotels that will happily welcome your dog. The two of you can also enjoy a carriage ride, a boat tour on the Chicago River or a visit either Buckingham Fountain or Navy Pier. The city does require a $35 annual fee and copies of health records for anyone using the dog parks. You would need to arrange this as soon as you arrive in the Windy City.

Boston,Massachusetts allows leashed dogs to travel on the subway as long as it is not during rush hour. The city boasts a number of parks that you and your dog will thoroughly enjoy or you can take him on a walk on the two mile Freedom Trail. The two of you will have access to ferry boat rides, carriage rides and Faneuil Hall Marketplace. You will even be welcomed to visit Cape Cod via Boston’s dog friendly ferry.

Austin,Texas offers numerous lodging options for you and your friend. Once the two of you have enjoyed a nap together, you both can visit the Botanical Gardens, enjoy a carriage tour through downtown or take advantage of one of Austin’s parks or off-leash dog parks. There is actually a city code stating that leashed dogs may eat at restaurants that serve outdoors, so feel free to order him a burger while enjoying your sidewalk lunch.

Seattle,Washington welcomes you and your leashed dog to travel on its city buses and trains. The state’s number one tourist attraction, The Washington State Ferries, also allows leashed dogs. Feel free to visit Bainbridge Island, Pioneer Square, the Sculpture Garden, or any of the parks scattered throughout the city. There is even an off-leash beach area called Sand Point Magnusion Park. If your pooch loves the water, you will not want to miss it.

Traveling with your dog should be a fun and memorable experience for both of you. Anxiety can be completely avoided as long as you do your research before hand and know upfront what to expect from the locals.

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