What to do with new puppy

Getting your first puppy is an exciting yet nerve racking. For many pet owners, the questions could be endless. What is “puppy proofing”? Is my house “puppy-proofed” enough? What kind of food do I need to feed them? When should they be vaccinated? All of these are valid questions and ones that are presented quite often, so to address them, here are some of the best puppy care tips on the market.

What Is “Puppy-Proofing”?

“Puppy-proofing” is very much like “baby-proofing”. That means that you pick up and remove any items that should not be ingested, chewed on, or are very valuable. Puppies are very inquisitive and will try to eat anything they can. That applies to shoes, socks, furniture, and even plants. It is very important that you remove any items that may be toxic, or lead to electrocution.

Another important note is that because puppies love to get into everything they can as they explore, some experts recommend using baby gates or playpens to designate the areas in which the puppy is allowed when you cannot actively watch them. Also, a not so heard of puppy care tip is to put baby locks on cupboards that contain chemicals or linens.

What Kind of Food Do Puppies Need?

Puppies have very specific dietary requirements and have large appetites. When you are visiting your local pet store, you will see many brands and various titles. There is Puppy formula, senior dog, and weight control just to name a few. Each of these are very different as, just like babies, they require a different balance of carbs, fats, and protein to lead to a healthy life. Puppy formula is heavier in calories, as they are growing at a surprising rate, and will need them. It is also heavy in protein, as 10 of the 22 amino acids your new puppy needs, can only be obtained by diet alone.

What Kind of Items Do I Need Before Puppy Comes Home?

Before you bring home your  new puppy, it is a good idea to have everything ready so you aren’t caught off guard, and you can spend more time with it in the beginning. A few  things you will need for your new puppy include, a bed that is of a suitable size, toys, treats, food they are currently eating, and their new food if you wish to change it. With a wide variety of materials and fabrics on the market, you can find a pet bed to match any décor! If any of the materials become damaged or have the risk of coming apart, remove them immediately as your puppy can become seriously ill, or even die if they eat the stuffing, squeakers, or even if part of the nylon bone becomes lodged in their throat. You’ll also need sturdy water and food bowls, if you can afford stainless steel or stone, these are your best options for sterilization and durability.

When Do I Visit the Vet?

When you get your new puppy, you will want to wait for about a week, or until the puppy is settled into its new home. If you have other animals, you may want to bring the puppy to the vet before bringing it home, as if it has any infections, it may spread them. However, reputable breeders will already have made sure their puppies are healthy, so the risks are much lower.

 What Will I Discuss with the Vet?

At the vet, you will go over routine vaccinations and general puppy care. These include rabies, canine distemper, parvo, deworming, as well as discussing a possible schedule for heartworm prevention. The vet may also recommend spaying or neutering your pet, which is a great option if you are not going to be breeding or showing your animal. Typically, altered pets live a longer life, and have a greatly reduced chance of testicular cancer, and ovarian complications later in life.

It has been noted by several experts, including Cesar Millan, that owners put human emotions on their animals, they will not lament for not having children, that is a human emotion. Male dogs are only involved for the first few days of a pup, and the mother will actually push them out of the pack (become lower ranking if they are able to stay) after being weaned and taught basic hunting. In a domestic setting, the parents are involved even less.

Preparing for your new puppy to come home may seem like an overwhelming task. As long you take things in stride, bringing your puppy home will be a safe and enjoyable event for everyone. With these puppy care tips, you’ll be off to a great start with your new addition.

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