What To Do When My Dog Is Hyper?

Do you feel you dog has become more hyper in the last couple of days, or is always super excited for no particular reason?

This might be the cause of the lack of stimulation and abject boredom that he has been going through. He might be missing having to be with somebody when you are out on your walk or at work.

He craves your presence but he is forced to stay home and roam around with nothing to do. And once you come home, he wants all your attention since he has been missing you. This hyperactive behavior is quite natural and can be controlled if you focus on interacting with your dog on a regular basis.

There are many techniques to help control and calm your hyperactive dog.

We discuss some of the best and most fruitful techniques that are sure to help you and our dog:

  1. Give your dog something he loves to do:

You can calm your dog down by giving him a task he can focus on. Hyperactivity in your pet signals his psychological needs of being with someone or doing something that you want. When you give your dog a task to do, he feels needed and forgets about seeking constant attention from you. Once you give him something to do he will redirect and focus all his energy into doing that job. Try a nice dog toy.

  1. Take your dog for a walk to redirect his high energy:

Taking your dog on a brisk walk every morning will utilize his built-up energy and he will feel more relaxed.  A vigorous walk with your dog is considered an excellent way to calm down the hypersensitivity factor, since he is able to burn that extra energy and can spend the entire day without feeling unwanted or unloved. He can go home and relax and enjoy his food, once his energy has been burned.

  1. Try Aromatherapy:

Believe it or not, scent is how your dog experiences this world. A soothing smell can help him relax, just like we human beings feel relaxed by the smell of fresh lavender, this also has a calming effect on you dog. Your vet can help introduce you to many more smells that calm your pet and make him feel relaxed when he is alone at home.

  1. Take Your Dog Out To Play

Taking your dog out to play with you is considered the best way to drain all that extra energy he has inside. You can even take your neighbor’s’ dog along and let them both play to their heart’s content. Play sessions help your pet socialize since this is something they crave. Dogs are very social, they like to have people around them all the time which is why taking them out can help them enjoy and feel less bored or lethargic.

Ignoring your dog’s hyperactive behavior is not always wise, as he might get angry and have outbursts. Being around them can greatly help them relax.

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