Puppies are wonderful creatures. Not only are they adorable, but they are also plenty of fun. Whether your kids have been begging for one for some time – or you’re considering a puppy as a surprise gift, it’s wise to know which breeds have temperments that are suitable for children.

Some of the not-so-kid friendly breeds are quite obvious. (Pitbull, anyone?) But some breeds you may be surprised to see on this list. Before you bring home a puppy for your kids, it’s wise to know what kind of dog you’re actually bringing home.

Dalmations – These dogs are very energetic and lovable. However, they might be too energetic for a child. Harmless banter between child and dog could excite the spotted fire dog and a playful bite can turn into something much more serious. Dalmations are also reluctant to warm up to new people right away. An innocent pat on the head could frighten the dog if the gesture is unwelcomed – and you know the rest of the story.

Chihuahuas – These little wonder dogs are probably the worst dog breed for children. These dogs are very cute but pack a mean punch. They are one-person dogs and will protect their owner at all costs. The term ankle-biter does apply to this breed. They are very dominant and will let you know that. Do not even consider a chihuahua for your kids. An over-eager child can annoy and frighten the dog.

Huskies – A gorgeous breed of dogs, but a not-as gorgeous temperament. According to a study done in the year 2000, dog bite fatalities due to Huskies totaled in at 15. Enough said.

Chow Chows – These balls of fluff are beautiful and a breed to marvel at. However, as headstrong as they are, they require extensive training as a puppy. If not properly reinforced, they can have a nasty disposition.

Doberman Pinschers – These dogs are typically known as great guard dogs. They are loyal and protective of their owners and “property”. If they feel that something – or someone is intruding upon their dynamic, they will more than likely attack. If raised with your children, they should do fine. However, if other children are present that the dog is not familiar with, they will perceive this new presence as a threat.

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